Friday, June 15, 2012

Youssra El Hawary

It seems that my musical interests have been taking me out of the country these days.  Most recently (i.e. today) I have traveled from the cold north the heat of Cairo Egypt to discover Youssra El Hawary,  I don't speak or read Arabic, so I don't actually know what most of her songs are called.  I do however know the one below is titled The Wall.  (thank you npr).

I am a sucker for an accordion.  Seriously...I remember working one summer as an EFY counselor and totally loving this kid that played the accordion.  He was so adorable and played a mean accordion.

You can listen to more of Youssara El Hawary on Soundcloud.  I like her light an airy sound and from what I have managed to read about her (in English of course) she seems very down to earth and definitely someone I'd want to run into while she is miming on the streets.  She is a mime!  Seriously...there is nothing to not like about her.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Allison Miller

as you may not know...because I don't think I've mentioned it on here...which is really, Really, REALLY odd...I LOVE BRANDI CARLILE.  I love listening to her albums and I LOVE seeing her live.  Her albums are fabulous, but what is so fantastic about her live is that A) she knows how to entertain an audience and B) her band totally rocks the Kasbah (see previous post for a lesson on kasbah verses Kasbah).  Tim and Phil are the twins and back up singers and guitarists and just all around awesome sauce...and then there is Allison Miller...her drummer.  She is A-MAZING!  I love her.  So I was PLEASANTLY surprised to come across THIS (click the link) today on my daily reading of npr music!

There is supposed to be a video embedded here...but the embed code does not seem to be working so you will have to click the link.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

addendum to my love affair with Scandinavian artists

I cannot believe that I forgot these two artist.  Firstly because I very recently just discovered one of them and secondly I have been listening to the other one since 2006 or 7 on an almost daily basis!

THE PERISHERS!!!...the are from Sweden.  The first I ever heard from them was Pills and it was sung with Sarah McLachlan.  It ranks up there with one of my favorite songs.  Probably because of the time in my life that I discovered love Sarah and always will.

For those of you who read my other blog the Perishers probably sound familiar because I have blogged about them before because I LOVE them!  They have so many great songs.  Seriously...I can just listen to an entire album and not feel the need to skip a single song.  LOVE THOSE SWEDES!!

FIRST AID KIT!  Discovered these two fantastic Swedish sisters on npr (I LOVE NPR).  At first I thought maybe it would just be one song I liked, but I loved their Tiny Desk Concert (which I blogged about previously) and I loved their interview on World Cafe (seriously...NPR is the cat's pajamas)

I don't know if it is because of the cold weather that all these artists have lots of time to make great music, but whatever it is, I hope they all continue!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Covers...and apparently Scandinavian musicians

I am never opposed to a cover of a song...especially good covers :)

About a year ago...I think...I discovered Robyn.  She use one of my (probably overused) phrases...all kinds of awesome sauce.  Just see for yourself...videos and even live.  She truly rocks the Casbah or kasbah (depending on what I am referring to...who knew!?)

SEE?!  ALL KINDS OF AWESOME SAUCE!!!  ok...back to the issue at hand...covers...recently I discovered this cover...

it is cute, and adorable and clever.  I thought wow...creative little girls...based on the number of views people seem to be loving it.  And not without reason.  In fact people are loving them SO much they want to see them on Ellen.  And that is all fine and good...except for one thing...this cover isn't even their own creative concept!  It is a cover of a cover!  This cover to be exact...

Which I must better than the little girls...maybe not on the adorable front...but on the talent front...they kind of leave those little girls in the dust...check this one out...

I think I may have found my new favorite Britney Spears cover.  I can't decide if it is the xylophone, their harmonies, their straight faces while singing these fantastic lyrics...or maybe...just is because they are Swedish.

I know that sounds silly...the fact that I love it because they are Scandinavian...but lately I have been really in to Scandinavian performers...I mean...not lately...actually...for the last couple years...(and even longer if we count my enjoyment of Bjork) evidenced by my love for the following...

Robyn (Swedish)...see above videos.

Ane Brun (born in Norway, lives in Sweden. see previous post)

 Agnes Obel...(she is Danish)...I discovered her about two years ago.  I LOVE her piano playing.  A Scandinavian gem.

And since sometimes (according to Wikipedia) Scandinavia can also include Iceland...let us not leave out...

Sigur Ros...(Iceland) Jonsi Birgisson's voice is what I hope welcomes me into heaven...

maybe you'll recognize this one from Sigur Ros.

And of course...we cannot forget these indie darlings who are currently rising in popularity...bless npr for introducing us (sorry...the audio is not available anymore for this...but you can watch the videos below!)  My friends...if you have not Of Monsters and Men...

That wow.

Well those videos should keep you busy for a while.  I hope you enjoy the Scandanavians as much as I do!