Friday, June 15, 2012

Youssra El Hawary

It seems that my musical interests have been taking me out of the country these days.  Most recently (i.e. today) I have traveled from the cold north the heat of Cairo Egypt to discover Youssra El Hawary,  I don't speak or read Arabic, so I don't actually know what most of her songs are called.  I do however know the one below is titled The Wall.  (thank you npr).

I am a sucker for an accordion.  Seriously...I remember working one summer as an EFY counselor and totally loving this kid that played the accordion.  He was so adorable and played a mean accordion.

You can listen to more of Youssara El Hawary on Soundcloud.  I like her light an airy sound and from what I have managed to read about her (in English of course) she seems very down to earth and definitely someone I'd want to run into while she is miming on the streets.  She is a mime!  Seriously...there is nothing to not like about her.

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