Thursday, June 7, 2012

Allison Miller

as you may not know...because I don't think I've mentioned it on here...which is really, Really, REALLY odd...I LOVE BRANDI CARLILE.  I love listening to her albums and I LOVE seeing her live.  Her albums are fabulous, but what is so fantastic about her live is that A) she knows how to entertain an audience and B) her band totally rocks the Kasbah (see previous post for a lesson on kasbah verses Kasbah).  Tim and Phil are the twins and back up singers and guitarists and just all around awesome sauce...and then there is Allison Miller...her drummer.  She is A-MAZING!  I love her.  So I was PLEASANTLY surprised to come across THIS (click the link) today on my daily reading of npr music!

There is supposed to be a video embedded here...but the embed code does not seem to be working so you will have to click the link.  Enjoy!

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