Friday, August 10, 2012

stay tuned

Today I read an article on npr that asked the following questions...

  • What was the first song you ever bought?
  • What song always gets you dancing?
  • What song takes you back to your childhood?
  • What is your perfect love song?
  • What song would you want at your funeral?
  • Time for an encore. One last song that makes you, you.

  • This is going to take some time to answer, but bear with me while I contemplate this over the weekend.  Feel free to make your own list and share.

    Monday, July 23, 2012

    favorite song of all time and a little parental advice

    I do have a concert that I would like to write about, but it occurred to me today, that while I have a clip of my favorite song of all time, I've never written about it.  So here goes.  I wrote about my top 5 favorite movies tonight...and that was tough for a few reasons...A) as I was writing about them, other fabulous movies popped into my head and B) I was having a very difficult time explaining why they were my top 5 favorite movies.  And so it goes with my favorite song of all time...Can't Help Falling In Love With You by Elvis Presley.

    I love this song.  love. Love. LOVE.  I love the melody, I love the lyrics...Elvis's voice...what is not to love.  But there is something that goes so much deeper than that...a reason why without hesitation I can say that this is my most favorite song of all time.

    I can't say much for the technical level of the song because I don't know technical stuff about music...but I do know how, better than many, I would say, to truly enjoy music.  When I was little, my mom would sing to me at night and in the mornings to wake me up. I am not a morning person and it was a pleasant way to wake up.  I imagine it made mornings much better for both of us...but I digress.  The songs my mom sang in the morning where cheery and wake up-y.  But at night they were more calm and mellow.  I can picture and even hear my mom singing her morning wake up songs.  And I know she had a handful of nighttime go to sleep songs, but the only one that I can hear and picture her singing in my head is Can't Help Falling in Love With You.  I think a great way to solidify your children's undying devotion is to sing to them at night.  I am not a parent, but I feel that is very sound parental advice and I am going to stand by it.

    When I would visit my grandparents in the summer both of them would sing me to sleep.  My grandpa has quite a repertoire and I would venture to say that a few of my siblings and even some cousins have great memories of this as well.  In fact, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes is also a favorite of mine for the mere fact that when I was in high school and we lived with my grandpa he would play the song on the piano and sing...usually around midnight.  I really had an awesome childhood.

    So there you have it...the reason for my favorite song of all time.  Even thinking about this memory right now I am getting a little choked up.  Just the other night I mentioned to my mom that it was my favorite song of all time, and she said, "well of course it is.  I use to sing it to you every night before bed."  In that moment the memories just came flooding back.  Just like they are now.

    I am also a FIRM believer in the lyrics because I don't think we can help who we love...but that is a discussion for another blog on another day!

    Wednesday, July 11, 2012

    Taken By Trees

    I have mentioned previously that I am in to Scandinavian artists a lot lately...well the trend continues with Victoria Bergsman and Taken By Trees.  I am loving this song!  (Can't wait to be listening to it on the way to Colorado on Saturday!)

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    4 more days until...

    a lovely little sisters getaway!  Saturday my two little sisters (who are taller or as tall as me) and I are heading to Morrison, CO and Red Rocks Amphitheatre to see the following...

    We begin with the delightful, mellow crooning of Gregory Alan Isakov...

    Then we jump to the talented, funny and all around entertaining Ingrid Michaelson...
    (I realize this is not a new song, but it is my favorite Ingrid song...although it is a bummer not to see Allie Moss backing her up)

    so...her is a version with Allie!

    And finally we will be treated to one of our most favorite artists of all...the lovely, the charming and always insanely talented Brandi Carlile...

    SO STOKED!  Well except for the 8.5 hour drive home right after the show :)  SISTER BONDING TIME!!!!

    Sunday, July 8, 2012

    100 guitar riffs by alex chadwick

    this was pretty cool...albeit kind of lengthy...but cool none the less.  What surprised me most was how many of the earlier songs I recognized.  As the songs became more recent I was familiar with less and less of them.  Guess when it comes to rock I am more of a classic rock kind of girl.

    this is why I love music...because as I continue to listen to new things, I begin to realize new tastes and loves that I've maybe never really delved that deep into previously.  My new goal after listening to this 100 song riff, is to compile a playlist of all these songs and see how many of them I really do love.  Plus, it will make a pretty great driving with the windows down playlist!

    this is the interview with alex chadwick...below is the clip of the 100 songs.

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    live music

    Tonight was the first in the summer Twilight Concert Series in Salt Lake City (seriously folks...SLC is one of the best places to spend your summer).  This concert series use to be free, but this year they began charging $5.00.  Best. Idea. Ever.  It was still packed, and I learned how to roll a joint with a one dollar that was neat...but it definitely was not as crowded and full of crazies as the two previous years.  I won't lie, I miss the days of the TCS being at the Galivan Center and being much more low key, but I love music...especially live music.

    There is just something so fabulous about being outside and listening to music.  Tonight The Walkmen opened for Beach House.  Two bands that I was familiar with; two bands I enjoy.  But after tonight... I LOVE THEM BOTH! Watching bands perform live...I don't know what it is, but I love them that much more.  Even with artists I love, my love deepens after seeing them live.

    And sometimes, it is what makes me fall in love with an album that I was not all that in love with previously.  For example, when Brandi Carlile released Give Up the Ghost, I definitely loved some of the songs on that album, but I was not madly in love with the album that way I was with her first two albums...not until I saw her perform songs from that album live (in fact I saw her perform the entire album live).  After that, there is not one song on that album that I do not love. Which makes me hopeful for next weekend when I see her perform at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  I am not madly in love with Bear Creek.  In fact it is probably my least favorite album of hers but I have a feeling that I am going to be more in love come July 14th.

    Chastity Brown

    Discovered this little gem of a lady musician today...can't wait to hear more!

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    Youssra El Hawary

    It seems that my musical interests have been taking me out of the country these days.  Most recently (i.e. today) I have traveled from the cold north the heat of Cairo Egypt to discover Youssra El Hawary,  I don't speak or read Arabic, so I don't actually know what most of her songs are called.  I do however know the one below is titled The Wall.  (thank you npr).

    I am a sucker for an accordion.  Seriously...I remember working one summer as an EFY counselor and totally loving this kid that played the accordion.  He was so adorable and played a mean accordion.

    You can listen to more of Youssara El Hawary on Soundcloud.  I like her light an airy sound and from what I have managed to read about her (in English of course) she seems very down to earth and definitely someone I'd want to run into while she is miming on the streets.  She is a mime!  Seriously...there is nothing to not like about her.

    Thursday, June 7, 2012

    Allison Miller

    as you may not know...because I don't think I've mentioned it on here...which is really, Really, REALLY odd...I LOVE BRANDI CARLILE.  I love listening to her albums and I LOVE seeing her live.  Her albums are fabulous, but what is so fantastic about her live is that A) she knows how to entertain an audience and B) her band totally rocks the Kasbah (see previous post for a lesson on kasbah verses Kasbah).  Tim and Phil are the twins and back up singers and guitarists and just all around awesome sauce...and then there is Allison Miller...her drummer.  She is A-MAZING!  I love her.  So I was PLEASANTLY surprised to come across THIS (click the link) today on my daily reading of npr music!

    There is supposed to be a video embedded here...but the embed code does not seem to be working so you will have to click the link.  Enjoy!

    Monday, June 4, 2012

    addendum to my love affair with Scandinavian artists

    I cannot believe that I forgot these two artist.  Firstly because I very recently just discovered one of them and secondly I have been listening to the other one since 2006 or 7 on an almost daily basis!

    THE PERISHERS!!!...the are from Sweden.  The first I ever heard from them was Pills and it was sung with Sarah McLachlan.  It ranks up there with one of my favorite songs.  Probably because of the time in my life that I discovered love Sarah and always will.

    For those of you who read my other blog the Perishers probably sound familiar because I have blogged about them before because I LOVE them!  They have so many great songs.  Seriously...I can just listen to an entire album and not feel the need to skip a single song.  LOVE THOSE SWEDES!!

    FIRST AID KIT!  Discovered these two fantastic Swedish sisters on npr (I LOVE NPR).  At first I thought maybe it would just be one song I liked, but I loved their Tiny Desk Concert (which I blogged about previously) and I loved their interview on World Cafe (seriously...NPR is the cat's pajamas)

    I don't know if it is because of the cold weather that all these artists have lots of time to make great music, but whatever it is, I hope they all continue!

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    Covers...and apparently Scandinavian musicians

    I am never opposed to a cover of a song...especially good covers :)

    About a year ago...I think...I discovered Robyn.  She use one of my (probably overused) phrases...all kinds of awesome sauce.  Just see for yourself...videos and even live.  She truly rocks the Casbah or kasbah (depending on what I am referring to...who knew!?)

    SEE?!  ALL KINDS OF AWESOME SAUCE!!!  ok...back to the issue at hand...covers...recently I discovered this cover...

    it is cute, and adorable and clever.  I thought wow...creative little girls...based on the number of views people seem to be loving it.  And not without reason.  In fact people are loving them SO much they want to see them on Ellen.  And that is all fine and good...except for one thing...this cover isn't even their own creative concept!  It is a cover of a cover!  This cover to be exact...

    Which I must better than the little girls...maybe not on the adorable front...but on the talent front...they kind of leave those little girls in the dust...check this one out...

    I think I may have found my new favorite Britney Spears cover.  I can't decide if it is the xylophone, their harmonies, their straight faces while singing these fantastic lyrics...or maybe...just is because they are Swedish.

    I know that sounds silly...the fact that I love it because they are Scandinavian...but lately I have been really in to Scandinavian performers...I mean...not lately...actually...for the last couple years...(and even longer if we count my enjoyment of Bjork) evidenced by my love for the following...

    Robyn (Swedish)...see above videos.

    Ane Brun (born in Norway, lives in Sweden. see previous post)

     Agnes Obel...(she is Danish)...I discovered her about two years ago.  I LOVE her piano playing.  A Scandinavian gem.

    And since sometimes (according to Wikipedia) Scandinavia can also include Iceland...let us not leave out...

    Sigur Ros...(Iceland) Jonsi Birgisson's voice is what I hope welcomes me into heaven...

    maybe you'll recognize this one from Sigur Ros.

    And of course...we cannot forget these indie darlings who are currently rising in popularity...bless npr for introducing us (sorry...the audio is not available anymore for this...but you can watch the videos below!)  My friends...if you have not Of Monsters and Men...

    That wow.

    Well those videos should keep you busy for a while.  I hope you enjoy the Scandanavians as much as I do!

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    First Aid Kit

    I know...I have posted about this Swedish sister singing duo before, and I have a somewhat lengthy list of artists I would like to post about...but just have a listen to this today.  You will not be disappointed...unless of course they are not your style...but even then...who knows...they might become your style.

    (click me)
    First Aid Kit on World Cafe

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    martin royle

    my music love has been heavily influenced by the adults in my life...well I am my elders?  i.e. parentals, aunts, uncles, particular my aunt steph and my uncle dave.  recently my uncle dave shared martin royle with me.  I am in love. I feel like I should be sitting on a beach in Hawaii when I listen to this...or cruising in my woody with the Beach Boys.  anyway...listen, enjoy and say thank you to dave!

    his cover of Waterfalls is INSANE!

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    lyrics...enough said

    As you know, I LOVE lyrics...and the lyrics to Medicine by Daughter are no exception.  This has been on repeat for a while now.

    "You've got a warm heart,
    you've got a beautiful brain.
    Bur it's disintegrating,
    from all the medicine"

    "You could still be
    what you want to,
    What you said you were,
    when you met me."

    B.E.A.U. T-FUL!

    Plus, her voice is kind of addicting.  A little Florence-esq.

    Monday, April 23, 2012

    Greeks are least I think she is Greek...

    ...either way...she is good.  this might be my most favorite cover of Creep ever.

    Her name is Carrie Manolakos. (Hence my guess at her Greek-ness).  She is a Broadway star and just released a new album this month.  She has some pipes and quite a few different covers on YouTube, Gawker, etc...  Her album is original stuff, but her covers are pretty excellent...especially Creep.

    And here is another for good you know I am a HUGE fan of Mumford & Sons (congrats to Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan).  I prefer the original.  But I can still appreciate her musical talents with this one.

    I am DEFINITELY behind this cover...

    Monday, April 16, 2012

    New music for a Monday-LP

    so I was introduced to LP, literally (and yes I mean it) 7 minutes ago.  She is all kinds of awesome sauce, her whistling skills are ridiculous and enviable and that voice...clear and strong and giving me chills.  DAMN!  Plus her lyrics are...well just take a listen.

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    one of my favorites anytime

    Joe Purdy is an artist I enjoy and here is one of my favorites of his.  I love it because it is good for any mood, any weather, any time of is a perfect song.

    video courtesy of JayKooker on YouTube

    Monday, April 9, 2012

    his father's son

    As you may or may not know (I don't think I've mentioned him yet) I LOVE Leonard Cohen.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  His voice is just haunting and soothing and gorgeous and I love him.  So it was as pleasant surprise when I came across his son.  On the one hand I was sort of surprised I didn't know about him, but at the same time I am way to enthralled with Leonard's voice to read much more about I discovered Adam Cohen.  He has a new song called "What Other Guy".  The lyrics are pretty fantastic; the melody reminds me a bit of The Smith's (who I also LOVE) Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, and in general it is just a a sweet tune.  So have a listen...maybe you'll like it. If not, DEFINITELY take a listen to his pop.

    Listen here (the link to the song is on the left side of the article)

    Thursday, April 5, 2012

    tiny desk concert from npr

    It is my dream to host tiny desk concerts every week on npr.  For now I will just watch the videos each week.

    another fantastic one from Kathleen Edwards.

    Friday, March 30, 2012

    Simple Songs

    I like the Shins...and their new album, Port of Morrow, is fantastic.  It sounds like the Shins I feel in love with so many years ago.  And again, thanks to npr music...a delightful acoustic performance of Simple Song by James Mercer.

    First Aid Kit

    I believe I have mentioned before how much I LOVE npr music.  Tiny Desk Concerts are one of the most brilliant ideas ever.  Each week Bob Boilen invites an artist into his office and they perform a mini acoustic concert.  This week it was a duo known as First Aid Kit.  They were fantastic.  There song Emmylou was a free download on iTunes a few weeks back so I was very excited to see that they were the Tiny Desk Concert AND that Emmylou was on the set list. Enjoy!

    And as a of my most favorite Tiny Desk Concerts ever!
    Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros!

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    First Listen

    Today on NPR there are a couple First Listens.  I LOVE First Listen.  You get to hear an entire album from an artist from beginning to end!  Today one of them is Of Monsters and Men's album, My Head Is An Animal.  This is not a first listen for me.  I actually have the album.  I LOVE IT!  Have a listen and see what you think.  It is fantastic.  Icelanders make some fantastic music.  In my humble musical opinion anyway...but listen soon because the First Listens don't stick around forever. (click the link below)

    My Head Is An Animal-Of Monsters and Men

    And as a bonus, M. Ward is previewing his forthcoming album as well.  I like M. Ward too, but he isn't as new as Of Monster's and Men, in my musical life.

    A Wasteland Companion-M.Ward

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

    a Sunday song for any day

    This is one of my most favorite hymns of fact it might be my second favorite...anyway...I LOVE when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sings it.  There is nothing quite like being there in person to hear it, but this video will have to do.  When they entire choir is singing acapella...chills every. single. time.

    (listen to me)

    My most favorite hymn is Let the Holy Spirit Guide.  I couldn't find a good version of it on YouTube or any where else for that matter...but it is simple and beautiful and has stuck with me since I was a little kid and learned it in Primary when we had this fantastic old man substitute during singing time.  I've included the lyrics below because as you know, I am a fan of good lyrics and this song takes the cake on the lyrics front.

    1. Let the Holy Spirit guide;
    Let him teach us what is true.
    He will testify of Christ,
    Light our minds with heaven's view.

    2. Let the Holy Spirit guard;
    Let his whisper govern choice.
    He will lead us safely home
    If we listen to his voice.

    3. Let the Spirit heal our hearts
    Thru his quiet, gentle pow'r.
    May we purify our lives
    To receive him hour by hour.

    Text: Penelope Moody Allen, b. 1939.
    (c) 1985 IRI

    Friday, March 23, 2012

    The First Days of Spring-noah and the whale

    I really, really LOVE this wonderful weather we're having.  This weather, the way the temperature feels on my skin and the smells in the brings to mind so many wonderful memories of my life and with that some great tunes.  Well here is another to add to the list of fantastic "WELCOME SPRING" songs.  From Noah and the Whale...

    (listen to me)

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012

    THIS is why I love the internet

    This little gem right here is exactly why I love reading never know what yo might find!

    favorite lyrics Wednesday

    I know, I know...favorite lyrics Friday would sound better, but I don't feel like waiting until Friday. 

    the title is pretty straight forward...I just want to share some of my most favorite lyrics.  I LOVE lyrics.  Some songs are just great to listen to because of the beat, or because the motivate you to run faster, or further, etc...but some lyrics...they...sing to my soul...I guess is the best way to put it...for example...

    "and I won't follow you into the rabbit hole.
    I said I would, but then I saw your shivered bones
    they didn't want me to"
    ~terrible love (my preference is the Birdy cover...I love the National but this cover...I'm in love.  listen to the'll fall in love too)

    "But if your strife strikes at your sleep
    Remember spring swaps snow for leaves
    You'll be happy and wholesome again
    When the city clears and sun ascends."
    ~winter winds

    "and I've been a fool and I've been blind
    I can never leave the past behind
    I can see no way, I can see no way
    I'm always dragging that horse around
    all of his questions, such a mournful sound
    tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground"

    ~shake it out

    Tuesday, March 20, 2012

    Jakob Dylan

    I love Jakob Dylan.  I love his father as well...and I am sure I will post on him at some point. But the other night I watched A Little Help ( I liked it by the way, in case you wondered) and Jakob Dylan had a couple songs in the movie and I was reminded of how much I love his deep voice and mellow style.  I am a proud fan of the The Wallflowers...especially Closer to You off the album Red Letter Days and I could listen to that song on repeat all day...well for a few hours anyway.  So if you are unfamiliar...give him a listen...or two.

    (listen to me)

    (listen to me)

    the same-mackintosh braun

    I guess I've been in a a Depeche Mode mood lately...Mackintosh Braun reminds me of them too...and I feel like this is fresh and new for me...and since it is the first day of spring...fresh and new seems appropriate.  Plus I feel like this would make a great back ground song to a tulip blooming time lapse video.

    (listen to me)

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Without You by Badfinger (the originators)

    In the previous post I shared my very, very guilty pleasure of Without You by Mariah Carey.  Today I found a live performance of Without You by it's originators, Peter Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger.  I am pretty sure it was in my musical heart to always love this song no matter who is singing it.

    (listen to me)

    Without You...of the Mariah Carey variety

    In my last post, I mentioned that there is not room for being judgmental on this blog.  I would like to clarify...judge all you far as my music taste is concerned.  But I beg of you, and will return the not judge me as a person for my musical least not too harshly.  With that being said...

    I wanted to share one of my favorites from an artist who I don't really love on the whole.  But this song...I don't know what it is...when I hear it, for some reason, yet to be discovered (perhaps hypnosis would word) it takes me back to my Green Valley High School days.  Aja, Mary...any idea why?  And my memories of those days are generally just fantastically pleasant.  It just puts smile on my face and I love belting it at the top of my lungs...although, as I discovered last night, my neighbors do not love it...though it was 10-ish and so that could have had something to do with it.  I am sure it was not my voice that was annoying.  I can match Mariah Carey note for perfect note...I am pretty sure anyone who has heard me sing is rolling on the floor with laughter right now.

    Anywho...without very ado...Without You by Mariah Carey

    (listen to me)

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    new song Tuesday-True Loves by Hooray For Earth

    I bet you thought I would do "new music Monday" or "new tune Tuesday"...didn't you?  Well I might, but today I am going with "new song Tuesday" Mainly because I can't guarantee that I will have a new song every week.  Plus, who knows, maybe the songs that are on here already are new to you.  This post, which I would love to do every week, is going to be a new song and or new artist that is new to me...and maybe to you...

    This week's song and artist comes from my friend and music guru Marie Heywood.  She and I have similar loves when it comes to music so I am always excited when she shares something new.  This week was no exception for her excellence.  I am really digging True Loves by Hooray For Earth.  Take a listen below.  It makes me want to watch a Mad Max movie and listen to Depeche Mode.

    (listen to me)

    If you love it...awesome sauce.  If you don' bananas.  I don't long as you don't judge me.  That is not to say I am averse to sharing my opinion about songs I don't like, but if you happen to like something I do not enjoy, we can still be friends and I have no judgement.  What have you discovered this recently/?

    Alabama Shakes part II

    This post is originally from jokes, jeans & Jesus but it is so very appropriate that I am sharing it here as well.  If you read it on jokes, jeans & Jesus, read it'll still love it.  And if you didn't...then definitely take a listen and a read now!

    Before I make my official return to my blog (I's been a little while) I just wanted to note that I saw Alabama Shakes live in concert.  And while I will for sure continue to listen to them on my iPod, YouTube, CD, etc...nothing, NOTHING will ever compare to seeing them live.  Brittany Howard can sing like nothing else.  She is like Janis Joplin and James Brown and Jimi Hendrix all rolled into one.  

    Do yourself a favor and check them out.

    I'm not saying Alabama Shakes is better than Janis or James or Jimi...but it is sure nice to hear there influence in the current music scene.

    A little of this....
    (listen to me)
    A little of that...
    (listen to me)

    A heaping spoonful of her...
    (listen to me)

     and what do you have?!

    TA DA!!!!
    (listen and LOVE me)

    Monday, March 12, 2012

    Birdhouse in Your Soul

    Can someone please, Please, PLEASE tell me how in the world a show in which Kristin Chenoweth and Ellen Greene sing a duet of Birdhouse In Your Soul can get cancelled?!  I mean, Swoosie Kurtz is driving them in an over sized vehicle while following a fake bird!  You can't cancel a show like that!

    (listen to me)

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    Young Blood

    During my trip to Washington last year I heard Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

    (listen to me)

    I immediately loved it.  But some of the lyrics were tough to understand without heading to a lyrics website. (I LOVE LYRICS)  And in truth, you can't always trust lyrics from a website...unless of course it is the artist's website.  But that didn't deter me from listening to and loving this song...and of course singing right along with the lyrics I know (and making up lyrics when I don't) while driving with the windows down.  

    Then I got my lucky break.  I don't remember where or exactly when...autumn of last year?...I discovered Birdy...singing this cover.  Skinny Love is one of my favorites...a "go to" if you will...I can listen to it almost wherever and whenever...but there was something about this cover that was equally as wonderful as Justin Vernon's original.  (Sorry cover-haters...but I do love this cover...and others).  And unto The Naked and Famous, Justin Vernon is sometime tough to decipher.  So with my great powers of being able to will things into existence (it's true...ask Aja...and then thank me for Reece's Peanut Buttercup minis) I managed to bring this musical gem into existence.  I can understand all the lyrics and I love this slowed down, mellowed out version as well.

    (listen to me)

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    I like music

    that is most definitely an understatement.  I love music.  and while I can't say I love ALL genres of music, I feel like my tastes are fairly varied.  I of course have my favorites and my "go-to" songs, but if something makes my musical heart sing, I am fan, regardless of genre.

    this blog is dedicated to all things musical in my life.  whether it is a report on concerts I attend, or what I am currently "dancin' it out" to, or the sharing of songs and artists I love, or songs and artists I will be solely dedicated to music.  (if you want to read about other aspects of my life, you can...right here)

    you may (or may not) be wondering about the origins of my blog address  it is a fictional band in the movie That Thing You Do based on the rise and fall of the fictional band The Wonders (originally The Oneders).  It is one of my favorite movies...a "go to" if you will.

    anywho...I would love any suggestions for new tunes...I am open to giving anything a shot.