Sunday, July 8, 2012

100 guitar riffs by alex chadwick

this was pretty cool...albeit kind of lengthy...but cool none the less.  What surprised me most was how many of the earlier songs I recognized.  As the songs became more recent I was familiar with less and less of them.  Guess when it comes to rock I am more of a classic rock kind of girl.

this is why I love music...because as I continue to listen to new things, I begin to realize new tastes and loves that I've maybe never really delved that deep into previously.  My new goal after listening to this 100 song riff, is to compile a playlist of all these songs and see how many of them I really do love.  Plus, it will make a pretty great driving with the windows down playlist!

this is the interview with alex chadwick...below is the clip of the 100 songs.

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