Sunday, March 11, 2012

Young Blood

During my trip to Washington last year I heard Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.

(listen to me)

I immediately loved it.  But some of the lyrics were tough to understand without heading to a lyrics website. (I LOVE LYRICS)  And in truth, you can't always trust lyrics from a website...unless of course it is the artist's website.  But that didn't deter me from listening to and loving this song...and of course singing right along with the lyrics I know (and making up lyrics when I don't) while driving with the windows down.  

Then I got my lucky break.  I don't remember where or exactly when...autumn of last year?...I discovered Birdy...singing this cover.  Skinny Love is one of my favorites...a "go to" if you will...I can listen to it almost wherever and whenever...but there was something about this cover that was equally as wonderful as Justin Vernon's original.  (Sorry cover-haters...but I do love this cover...and others).  And unto The Naked and Famous, Justin Vernon is sometime tough to decipher.  So with my great powers of being able to will things into existence (it's true...ask Aja...and then thank me for Reece's Peanut Buttercup minis) I managed to bring this musical gem into existence.  I can understand all the lyrics and I love this slowed down, mellowed out version as well.

(listen to me)

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