Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alabama Shakes part II

This post is originally from jokes, jeans & Jesus but it is so very appropriate that I am sharing it here as well.  If you read it on jokes, jeans & Jesus, read it again...you'll still love it.  And if you didn't...then definitely take a listen and a read now!

Before I make my official return to my blog (I know...it's been a little while) I just wanted to note that I saw Alabama Shakes live in concert.  And while I will for sure continue to listen to them on my iPod, YouTube, CD, etc...nothing, NOTHING will ever compare to seeing them live.  Brittany Howard can sing like nothing else.  She is like Janis Joplin and James Brown and Jimi Hendrix all rolled into one.  

Do yourself a favor and check them out.

I'm not saying Alabama Shakes is better than Janis or James or Jimi...but it is sure nice to hear there influence in the current music scene.

A little of this....
(listen to me)
A little of that...
(listen to me)

A heaping spoonful of her...
(listen to me)

 and what do you have?!

TA DA!!!!
(listen and LOVE me)

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