Saturday, March 10, 2012

I like music

that is most definitely an understatement.  I love music.  and while I can't say I love ALL genres of music, I feel like my tastes are fairly varied.  I of course have my favorites and my "go-to" songs, but if something makes my musical heart sing, I am fan, regardless of genre.

this blog is dedicated to all things musical in my life.  whether it is a report on concerts I attend, or what I am currently "dancin' it out" to, or the sharing of songs and artists I love, or songs and artists I will be solely dedicated to music.  (if you want to read about other aspects of my life, you can...right here)

you may (or may not) be wondering about the origins of my blog address  it is a fictional band in the movie That Thing You Do based on the rise and fall of the fictional band The Wonders (originally The Oneders).  It is one of my favorite movies...a "go to" if you will.

anywho...I would love any suggestions for new tunes...I am open to giving anything a shot.


  1. you have a blog called theshrimpshackshooters...this is why we are friends.

    1. plus, you have relatives in Steubenville!