Monday, June 4, 2012

addendum to my love affair with Scandinavian artists

I cannot believe that I forgot these two artist.  Firstly because I very recently just discovered one of them and secondly I have been listening to the other one since 2006 or 7 on an almost daily basis!

THE PERISHERS!!!...the are from Sweden.  The first I ever heard from them was Pills and it was sung with Sarah McLachlan.  It ranks up there with one of my favorite songs.  Probably because of the time in my life that I discovered love Sarah and always will.

For those of you who read my other blog the Perishers probably sound familiar because I have blogged about them before because I LOVE them!  They have so many great songs.  Seriously...I can just listen to an entire album and not feel the need to skip a single song.  LOVE THOSE SWEDES!!

FIRST AID KIT!  Discovered these two fantastic Swedish sisters on npr (I LOVE NPR).  At first I thought maybe it would just be one song I liked, but I loved their Tiny Desk Concert (which I blogged about previously) and I loved their interview on World Cafe (seriously...NPR is the cat's pajamas)

I don't know if it is because of the cold weather that all these artists have lots of time to make great music, but whatever it is, I hope they all continue!

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